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"The Americans at War video is superb! Beautifully shot with no distractions at all from the simple, powerful messages."
David Hartman, former host of Good Morning America

Who is better qualified to describe the horror of battle - or its accompanying sights, sounds and smells - than the men and women who survived it? Americans at War is the platform on which these brave souls share with us, in their own words, a snippet of what it was like for them during war and the myriad of emotions they experienced, from fear to guilt to pride.

To date, the U.S. Naval Institute has captured more than 80 of these inspiring vignettes on film and aired 40 of them on PBS, reaching more than 50 million American households. But there is still much to be done in order to preserve these pieces of American history for future generations. There are hundreds more heroes waiting to tell us their stories. Many of them are aging veterans who may not be able to wait to be interviewed years from now. Time is of the essence, and we need your help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to the Americans at War series today.

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Adams, P W
Agostinelli, Robert
Aitken, Ian
Anderson, William
Autry, Earl
Bailey, R S
Ball, Joseph
Barker, Paul
Barros, Ronald J
Bender, Michael
Black, Charles
Bohrer (USN Ret), H A
Brennan, Dennis
Brooks, Terry
Burke, James
Campbell, Evelyn
Caporossi, D
Christy, James N
Clyborne, Richard
Clyne, T J
Craghead, William
Cross (Ret), R E
Damlo, Stephen
De Luca, Joseph
Drost, James
Edson, S R
Edwards, Robert
Everhart, M S
Fallon, G
Ferguson (USN Ret), J K
Finger, Jerry
Fitzgerald Jr, K B
Fleming, Pauline
Foley, James
Forsberg, Duayne
Gaddis, Robert L
Garau, Michele
Gass, Alexandra
Giacomini, John D
Goff, Aaron
Goldstein, L B
Haddox, A K
Hahn, Charles G
Harris, Glenn
Harrison, Robert
Harvey, George
Heibel, Conrad
Hennessy, Matthew
Herkert, Richard
Hillman, Robert J
Hoffman, Walter
Horton III Ret, H A
Hubbard, Lana
Hudson, Herschel A
Inghram, Richard
Iverson, Lawrence
Jarboe, Susan
Jenks USN (Ret), Robert
Johnson Jr, T R
Johnson, James E
Kawamura, Yoya
Kelle, Carl
Klotz, Steven
Lilenthal, Donald
Linkowitz, Nick
Lipton, Sydney
London, Jack and Jennifer
MacMillan, James C
Marion, P B
Marshburn, Gerald
Martin, David
Martin, E S
May USN Ret, Daniel
May, Charles
McCabe, Edward
Messenger, Robert
Naas, David D
Neill, Robert G
Nemeth, W J
O’Neill, T J
Olson, Arnold W
Ossman, Albert
Otreba, Lawrence
Oyer USN (Ret), E C
Perry, Robert W
Peterson, D
Pine, Brian
Pophal, A H
Puchalski, John
Redwine, Leondis
Richards, David
Richards, William
Riedel, L W
Ripley, Mary
Rodot, Andre
Rodriguez Jr, I J
Roshon, Mr & Mrs George
Russell, William
Sagliano, Nicholas
Sandstrom, Robert
Schumacher, Carl
Scott, Jake
Shaver, Mel
Singer, Robert
Skay, Constance
Slate, Louis A
Smith, Eugene
Smith, N
Stasey, Lynn
Tonelli, Peter
Turner, Vincent
Vick USN Ret, J E
Vrba, Charles
Wahler, Darryl
Walborn, James
Warner USN R Ret, William
Whorley, Thomas J
Wiedrich, R C
Wilson USN Ret, Robert T
Woods, Norman
Wright, Kirk
Young, Harry
Young, Peter

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