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John Wilberding
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My Uncle John was in the Army Air Corp serving at Wheeler Field Pearl Harbor. Coming out of church Dec 7 1942 he and a buddy were straffed and the story continues. As one of the last survivors of that day still alive, It seems his story is worth hearing. His name is John Wilberding and lives with his wife in Shepherd Michigan 48801 v/r MAJ Steve Wilberding NNPTC Senior Advisor Numaniyah Iraq



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My grandfather was a seargent in the USAFFE during the first phase of the japanese invasion of the Philippines. They were asigned to defend the Phil-American garrison situated in Cotabato, Northeast of Davao. During the siege,both the American and Filipino soldiers fought to the last bullet. My grandfather was the last Filipino soldier who was ordered by his american officers ( a Major and a Leutenant ) to carry the order of surrender for the garrison. He was straffed by Japenese Aircraft and shot by snipers... His sacrifice shattered his personlity both mental and phisical. He was not recognised as a member of the USAFFE and died as a simple but proud soldier... USAFFE was an extension of American Forces in the Southeast Asia during the WWII...


Neal S. Durham
IS1 USN (Ret)
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My uncle, Henry Clay Durham Jr., was on the troop transport "Holbrook." The 148th Field Artillery Group was enroute to the Philippines as reenforcements. They arrived in Pearl Harbor on 5 Dec 1941 and departed 6 Dec 1941. They were diverted to Australia and went into battle in New Guinea and fought thru various islands and then were part of the invasion force in the Philippines. Henry was awarded the Silver Star there in a battle at San Vicente. My father Warren Clayton Durham was also in the Philippines during the invasion and was a member of the lst Cav. He went on to be a part of the occupation force in Japan. My father changed over when the Air Force was created and finally retired 31 May 1966. He passed away on 8 Sept 1990 and is buried at Cave Creek National Cemetary in Phoenix, Ariz. Henry passed away appropiately enough on 7 Dec 2001.

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