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(5418 days ago)
Incredible couragae, thank you for being apart of history so important to our country.
(5429 days ago)
Truly remarkable film footage. A medal for bravery would have been more appropriate than an Academy Award. Imagine going into battle armed with a motion picture camera! Thank-you for your service and sacrifice Staff Sergeant Hatch

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Norman Hatch
Staff Sergeant
USMC (Ret.) As a combat cameraman, Hatch has a very different perspective of the war though the lens of his camera, as he begins, "I was living in the movie, I was disassociated with everything that was going on around me." Hatch risks his life to document the brutal battle on Tarawa Island as the Marines assault the beach head and take the island. The film won an Academy Award for outstanding documentary short subject in 1944.

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