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(5416 days ago)
My brother like the Senator was a true hero. He fought in WWII, prisoner in Korea and fought in Viet Nam. We buried him with honors in Feb 2006 at Willamette Ore. I also am a veteran and am proud to have the Senator represent those of us who fought.
(5481 days ago)
My father fought in the Italian campaign as well. with 338th Infantry Regiment. He was wounded, awarded Bronze Star & survived to return home, return to farming & raise a family. I am proud to be his son.
(5494 days ago)
Sen. Inouye is a true patriot! He has been good to this country. He represents a high ideal that few can match.

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Daniel Inouye
U.S. Army
Served 1943-1947. Inouye's remarkable act of courage resulted in being awarded the Medal of Honor. This can be partly explained by the words his Japanese immigrant father told him before deploying, "This country has been good to us. Whatever you do, do not dishonor this country – and if you must die, die with honor."

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