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(5418 days ago)
As a former member of the "FMF" all I can say is out f***ing standing. Kick butt and collect ID cards. If you are ever in San Diego, near MCRD, call me at 619 888 8540 and I will buy the beer or whatever you are drinking. God Bless
(5480 days ago)
An American HERO!
(5520 days ago)
good explanation
(5523 days ago)
Great description of what courage is: "..without being cluttered by the need to save your butt."
(5523 days ago)
True Americans

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John Ripley
USMC (Ret.) Ripley relates his heroic feat of singlehandedly stopping the enemy during a major offensive on Easter Sunday in 1972. His "tiny force" of South Vietnamese Marines was poised on one side of the Dong-Ha Bridge to take on the "enormous force" of North Vietnamese troops ready to attack from the other side. Undaunted, the determined Captain Ripley decided to take the situation in his own hands to bring down the bridge.

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