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(5592 days ago)
How amazingly humble is our 41st President who reflects remorse for his crew and was uncertain about why he was spared. An American perspective worthy of our finest heroes! We should all ask ourselves, "why were we spared?" and move forward!
(5633 days ago)
good video
(5636 days ago)
This video elevates my opinion of the first President Bush even higher, and makes me wonder about the political and economic elites who are "among the missing" in military service since the end of the draft (and even then with deferments).

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George H.W. Bush
USNR, served 1942-1955. Former President George Herbert Walker Bush tells the harrowing details of how he narrowly survived getting shot down near Chichi Jima in the Pacific during WWII. Pilot Bush bailed out after his plane caught fire, and fortunately was picked up by the USS Finback.

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