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(5206 days ago)
She is my aunt and I love her. She and my father served in the same theater. I was always so proud of both of them
(5517 days ago)
excellent personal life experience
(5521 days ago)
Amazing video story - her vivid memory and "close to the surface" emotion give you a sense of what it was like to be there in that post-op tent.
(5523 days ago)
Wow, She believes she made a big difference: what an understatement.
(5523 days ago)
What a wonderful reminder of the role women have played in our military over the years. This USNI oral history archive is incredibly important. I wish I had asked my own mother, a U.S. Navy nurse in Australia in WW II, for her stories.

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Ruth Haddick-Dorsman
2nd Lieutenant
U.S. Army, served 1942-1946. Ruth arrived just 6 days after D-Day on Omaha Beach. She relates in detail what it was like working as a post-op nurse in an Army field hospital close to the front lines during WWII.

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