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Bob Dole
Views: 28166

U.S. Army, served 1942-1948. Senator Dole poignantly talks about how he suffered his life-changing wounds in the hills of Italy during WWII....

Daniel Inouye
U.S. Army
Views: 56482

Served 1943-1947. Inouye's remarkable act of courage resulted in being awarded the Medal of Honor. This can be partly explained by the words his...

Jim Webb
2nd Lieutenant
Views: 32915

USMC, served 1968-1972. Senator Webb poignantly recalls the morning when he and his Marines were marching into the dawn after a night patrol. It...

John Ripley
Views: 91284

USMC (Ret.) Ripley relates his heroic feat of singlehandedly stopping the enemy during a major offensive on Easter Sunday in 1972. His "tiny...

Paul Yost
Views: 9784

USCG (Ret.) Paul Yost recounts his experiences in getting the Vietnamese Marines to safety and out from under enemy fire. He says, "When a warrior...

George H.W. Bush
Views: 19998

USNR, served 1942-1955. Former President George Herbert Walker Bush tells the harrowing details of how he narrowly survived getting shot down near...

Ruth Haddick-Dorsman
2nd Lieutenant
Views: 15196

U.S. Army, served 1942-1946. Ruth arrived just 6 days after D-Day on Omaha Beach. She relates in detail what it was like working as a post-op...

Bobbi Hovis
Lieutenant Commander
Views: 8452

USN (Ret.) Hovis was the first Navy nurse to volunteer to go to Vietnam in 1963. Her mission, to build a hospital in Saigon. She describes in...

Charles McGee
1st Lieutenant
Views: 12211

USAF (Ret.) "They called it the double 'V', victory against Hitler in Europe and victory against racism at home." McGee's role was as a member of...

James Holloway
Views: 9963

USN (Ret.) Admiral Holloway masterfully tells his story as a young gunnery officer on board the USS Bennion in the Battle of Surigao Strait. He...

Jack Fellowes
Lieutenant Commander
Views: 15853

USN (Ret.) Fellowes was a Navy pilot who was shot down over a village in Vietnam. He uses humor to not only tell his story, but also to detail how...

Norman Hatch
Staff Sergeant
Views: 71063

USMC (Ret.) As a combat cameraman, Hatch has a very different perspective of the war though the lens of his camera, as he begins, "I was living in...

Bob Kerrey
Views: 16535

USNR (Ret.), served 1966-1969. As a Navy SEAL squad leader, Senator Kerrey leads his men and the audience to a tiny island on a daring and...

Edwin Bearss USMC
Views: 8433

USMC, served 1942-1946. Bearss tells a gripping and detailed account of what it was like to get shot multiple times during the Battle of Cape...

Leo Jarboe USN
Gunner's Mate
Views: 17325

USN, 1944-1946. Jarboe describes a kamikaze attempt while on board the USS San Francisco. The plane was shot down and the pilot saved. Years later...

Richard Zimmerman
Views: 8539

USN (Ret.) Zimmerman laughs and cries as he describes a shipmate being struck by the wing of a Kamikaze plane he'd shot down from the deck of his...

Benjamin Carson
Views: 8357

USMC, served 1941-1946. Benjamin Carson has been to hell and back. He fought in some of WWII’s bloodiest battles including Midway,...

Donald S. Lopez
Second Lieutenant
Views: 7733

USAF (Ret.) Lopez will have the audience at the edge of their seats as he tells his gripping story about his first dogfight as a P-40 pilot over...

Joe Galloway
UPI Correspondent, Vietnam
Views: 14163

Joe Galloway describes the horrific scene before him, two men "dancing in the fire," of a Napalm bombing. He recounts pulling one of the men out of...

Frank Buckles
Corporal, USA
Views: 14239

Mr. Buckles, 106 years old at the time of his interview, and one of three known surviving Americans left who served his country during WWI, tells his...

Dan Buzzo
Staff Sergeant, US Army
Views: 8969

Buzzo describes his time in Burma as a Prisoner of War in Burma. He comments that the enemy Colonel made a speech that they would have to construct a...

Emil Matula
1st Sergeant, US Army
Views: 48444

Served 1937-1945. Matula fought at Luzon, Philippines for 165 straight days and nights. His story recounts that he killed the last Japanese soldier...

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